Park Street Tools for Domestic and International Alcoholic Beverages: Wine, Spirits and Beer

Tools For Alcoholic Beverage Clients

Park Street has developed a suite of proprietary client tools and systems to enable clients to enhance productivity and compete more successfully in the marketplace.

Reporting Platform

Park Street’s proprietary, database-driven reporting platform is a management tool that enables clients to monitor key performance indicators of their business and make data-driven decisions in real time. The dynamic, custom-built system provides a host of real-time business reports such sales, accounts receivable, inventory, cash receipts, cash account balance, and more, as well as easy to use filtering mechanisms for customized data output. The system provides granular data visibility and enables downloads to programs such as Excel for advanced analytics. Additionally, the platform supports integration with client systems via electronic data interchange (EDI).


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Interactive Pricing Tool™

Park Street’s proprietary, custom-built Interactive Pricing Tool enables clients to navigate state-by-state pricing requirements in all 50 states in order to generate custom FOB pricing and gross margin calculations based on clients’ specific demands with respect to competitive set and channel compensation. The web-based tool guides clients through a simple, step-by-step process to understand the impact of factors such as state tax requirements, supply chain set-up, and product configuration to calculate value-maximizing, state-specific FOB pricing and unit economics. Park Street’s Interactive Pricing Tool is widely recognized by clients as an enormous efficiency enhancement.


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The U.S. alcoholic beverage market is highly competitive and highly regulated. Park Street University is a virtual library of whitepapers, market data, and industry research intended to enable clients to gain a competitive advantage by having access to deep industry insights. The library is updated regularly to keep the material current. Examples of documents include case studies of successful brand launches, category overviews (e.g., vodka market), templates for distributor presentations, an overview of the industry structure and the three tier system, an outline of control state listing requirements, and many more.


Park Street has built an extensive network of relationships in the U.S. alcoholic beverage market and makes access to this network available to its clients. While Park Street does not provide sales and marketing services, Park Street will connect clients to sales agents, brokers, suppliers, distributors, POS producers, and other best of breed service providers and product producers.

Analytical Services

Park Street has a group of analysts for advanced analytical services.

Services include: market analysis, custom reporting, and scorecard design, among others.

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