The last quarter of the year, also known as OND, is often the best period of the year for beverage alcohol brands. Gifting and gathering are traditionally strong drivers for consumer activity during the holiday season.

In this video, Katelyn Edelson, Marketing & Content Director for 3X3, shares her top tips for driving holiday sales based on current consumer buying trends. Edelson touches how online purchasing will continue to play a key role and consumers are expected to look to trending categories like luxury whiskey, tequila, and sparkling wines. She also discusses the importance of emphasizing “the occasion” when marketing to consumers.

“Most customers don’t think about alcohol in terms of category or even brand,” explains Edelson. “If they aren’t out to get a specific product, they are thinking about a moment, an experience, or an end result. For example, they want to make margaritas with their college friends, they aren’t out to buy a specific tequila.”


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