Just over a decade ago, world whiskies had very little traction and many obstacles to entry in the U.S. These days, the category is seeing an impressive escalation of consumer appetite and awareness, with new distilleries popping in almost every country.

In this segment, Raj Sabharwal, Founding Partner of Glass Revolution Imports, the first company to import Indian single malt whisky to the U.S., shares how the world whisky category has evolved. Sabharwal shares a first-hand account of the obstacles Glass Revolution Imports faced when entering the U.S. market 12 years ago and how up-and-coming world whiskies are dealing with their own challenges despite a strong increase in demand.

“One of the things that’s really important is transparency and authenticity as market drivers,” says Sabharwal. “All these distilleries have to really be transparent about what they’re doing, where they’re getting their product from, where they’re distilling and what the distilling is all about, and showing that they’re really authentic in what they’re doing.”

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