Master distiller Trey Nickels decided to get creative and developed a method of turning black-eyed peas into Vodka after experiencing years of drought and poor crop yields in the small community of Muleshoe, near Lubbock, Texas. The Texas farmer founded BlackEyed Distilling and began farming black-eyed peas in large quantities with the hopes of fermenting them and creating a spirit. “We knew black-eyed peas were loaded with the starch necessary to make the fermented mash that can be distilled into liquor. We just needed to prove it. So we put the concept to the test” said Nickels.

The vodka is made with a blend of local Texas-sourced non-genetically modified black-eyed peas and corn, then distilled 22 times. The vodka is extremely smooth and brought to 40 percent ABV.

Source: Austin American-Statesman, March 2017

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