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Support Strengthens for Liquor Privatization in Utah

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A recent poll reflects results that nearly half of Utah favors the privatization of alcohol.  The exact percentages show that 49% favor privatizing liquor sales, 37% oppose, and 13% were unsure.  The large support comes in light of recent campaigning by State Senator Jim Debakis, who has highlighted several issues, such as low wages for store staff, with the government’s control in the state.  Privatization will not come easy, however, due to the benefits it brings to Utah.  During the 2014-2015 fiscal year, Utah’s government “took in $8.2 million in the beer tax and $95.4 million in profit from its state liquor stores.  Ten percent of liquor sales, or $41 million, automatically goes into public education, by law.”  While opposition will continue to be strong, one should expect campaigning to continue and support to grow for liquor privatization in Utah.