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Smaller spirits bottles trending up in 2017





Smaller spirits packages have been increasing in popularity in recent years and the trend is gaining steam in 2017. Southern Glazer’s senior VP of supplier management Louis Zweig said 50ml and 100ml are “the hottest sizes in the industry right now”. The thinking is that the smaller size encourages consumers to try new products because there is less cost and less risk. 375ml bottles are also seeing a burst in popularity as a growing number of consumers look to purchase multiple beverage categories when visiting a retailer.

Nielsen channels show that the 50ml category has seen sales and volumes rise by 20 percent in the past year. Similarly 375ml category sales and volume has risen by 8 percent. The other primary benefit to smaller sizes is that smaller stores and shelves can hold more varieties of products with this model and consumers increasing demand for easily portable products.

Source: Wine & Spirits Daily, May 2017