About a decade ago, Alex Lacroix, the co-founder of Siempre Tequila, was at the bottom of a downward spiral. He was sitting in a jail cell when he made the decision to turn his life around. Now Lacroix is the co-founder of a 25,000-case brand, spanning 17 U.S. states and Canada.

“We started the company with nine thousand bucks and a credit card,” says Lacroix. “We figured worst case, we’d have a lot of tequila to drink.”

In the latest video collaboration between Thirstie and Park Street University, Thirstie co-founder Devaraj Southworth interviews Lacroix, who opens up about the Siempre brand story, and explains how his team was able to get an online shop up and running through Thirstie.

Siempre understood that larger brands in the tequila market would try to outspend them, but they responded by seizing any opportunity they could to outsmart them. In the beginning, this meant creating a product that stood out on the shelf with bright and vibrant packaging that represented the true spirit of Mexico and a liquid that made consumers want to keep buying. Now it means connecting with consumers through e-commerce platforms like Thirstie.

“E-commerce for a spirits brand, or for any brand, is as close as you can get to actually being in the store standing in the tequila section with your customers,” says Lacroix.

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