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Scottish Government Increases Minimum Pricing for Alcohol

Bottles at the bar

In 2012, a policy was passed by the Scottish Parliament to increase the minimum price for alcohol. They received some backlash by the Scotch Whiskey Association that has brought the parties to court. Recently, however, the court “ruled in favor of a Scottish government measure implementing a minimum price for alcohol at 50 pence per unit (which is 25 millilitres for spirits), about 60 U.S. cents. That lifts the price of a four-pack of 4.0% lager to a minimum £4 ($5), and a bottle of cheap spirits to £14 ($17).”

It’s been promoted as a law that will boost public health. Health professionals along with the police and alcohol charities have looked at it in a positive light, believing that it will help deter alcoholism and underage drinking.