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Scotch Whisky Producers Must Smooth Out the Production Cycle

imagesScotch whisky is currently having a smooth run in the US market and some emerging markets. The Scotch industry is ramping up production to prepare for more growth and future demands, but it might be time for a reflective pause.


In past trends, the Scotch industry experienced times of excess supply followed by times of shortages. The Scotch industry can learn from the global wine industry, as they share similar experiences and challenges in aligning future supply with future demand. A more targeted, sustainable growth rate would avoid a return to oversupply, which might drown Scotch’s premium image.


For those riding the Scotch wave and watching the trends, some producers need to be more prepared and willing to add flavoured brands to their product lines, while other producers need to have one eye on innovation and the other on the competition.


More thoughts, analysis and recommendations are covered in the full report which gives a past, present and future look at for the Scotch industry.


Source: Rabobank