ZX Ventures, the investment and innovation arm of AB InBev, has partnered with the likes of Babe Wine, Goose Island, and Kona Brewing, to name a few. Brands looking to effectively engage prospective investors can benefit from gaining an insight into what major venture capital players like ZX are looking for in a partnership.

In this video, Renata Bergman, Head of Strategy and Platform at ZX Ventures, offers an investors perspective on assessing the strength of prospective beverage-alcohol brands. She covers what ZX is looking for in a good pitch, key metrics her team looks at, and useful resources for brand owners.

“Be clear why you’re raising funds, how you’re going to use it and how it’s going to take you to the next step and don’t shy away from abnormalities and things that are not going so well. VC’s are going to see it, they’re not expecting that you’re the perfect company yet. We can talk about it and have an honest conversation about it.”


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