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Ready-to-drink (RTD) cocktail category growth up 40%

The ready-to-drink cocktail category is experiencing growth as it meets consumer demand for convenience. According to Nielsen data, the RTD spirit-based cocktail category grew 40.7% over the last year. Spirit and wine-based RTD cocktails sales reached $62 million and $83 million respectively, while malt-based cocktail sales accounted for $4.7 million. Nielsen stated that the recent RTD growth can be attributed to brands that are experimenting with new and interesting flavors. RTD cocktails give drinkers the ability to enjoy a drink that is typically only found in bars at the location of their choice. Reports show that young adults are opting for RTD cocktails at social gatherings and outdoor activities. Common RTD activities include outdoor picnics (32%), the beach/pool (28%), and traveling/holidays (23%).

Source: The Spirits Business May 2019