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Rabobank Urges Alcohol Industry to Invest in E-commerce Channel

US online alcohol sales grew 22% in 2019 reaching a total of $2.6 billion, according to a new report from Rabobank. Online grocery represents $295 million, alcohol marketplaces represent $265 million, direct to consumer wine sales represent $950 million, and online liquor stores represent $1.1 billion. 

However, Rabobank believes alcohol suppliers and retailers are leaving billions on the table every year and urges them to increase investments in the space. 

“There is no doubt consumers will move their beverage spending online. The question is whether beverage companies and retailers have the vision to invest proactively in their e-commerce capabilities,” says Bourcard Nesin, a beverage analyst at Rabobank and author of the “2020 Alcohol E-commerce Playbook” report. 

Source: Rabobank, January 2020