Trying to gain traction in your distribution network as a small or medium-sized brand can feel like being a small fish in an oversized pond. Without dedicating attention and effort to generating brand awareness it’s easy to get lost in the competitive fray. However, by developing strong lines of communication, offering financial incentives, and mobilizing your sales team, brands can establish themselves in this landscape. 

In the latest video from Park Street University, Sarah Nagel Sisisky, Park Street’s Director of Client Development, is here to walk you through some strategies for generating awareness within your distribution network. She explains the unique position small brands find themselves in when incentivizing distributors and discusses the importance of utilizing in-market visits to create authentic, meaningful lines of communication. She’ll get into the specific incentives to deploy and discuss how carefully crafting presentations for your sales representatives can turn in-person market visits into valuable tools for generating connection and awareness. 

“Ride-alongs haven’t been the same during the covid pandemic era,” notes Nagel Sisisky. “But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t a lot of ways to further connect with your salespeople.”

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