The final quarter of 2020 saw a few noteworthy trends in label approvals from the TTB, according to research firm bw166. Below are a few key category trends as indicated by product approvals.

Lemonade-flavoring is ticking up in popularity and two notable additions to the category were Smirnoff and Labatt Blue.

Big players like Constellation, Gallo, and Francis Ford Coppola continue to bet on alternative packaging sizes including boxes and cans.

Botanicals and infusions were also a noticeable trend as Belvedere and Beefeater had several offerings approved.

Low-calorie options are also on the rise with TTB approving several 90-calorie offerings for Chateau Ste. Michelle and two 70-calorie options for Constellation’s Kim Crawford brand. 

Looking at 2020 as a whole, TTB approvals were down by 15,600 for the year, representing an 8.7% decrease from the previous year. Wine led the way with a 13.6% drop in approvals, while beer dropped 3.3%. However, approvals for spirits actually grew 15.1% for the year.

Source: bw166, January 2021


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