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Push for Change to Liquor License Regulations in Wyoming

Law PicThe Wyoming Association of Municipalities (WAM) is pushing for change to liquor license regulations in the state.  Wyoming, a control state fighting against economic downturn, has had population-based caps on licenses and restrictions on the number of a bars in particular city.  The removal of these regulations, WAM argues, could ultimately generate more revenue for the local governments.  The tourism and hospitality industries have begun to expand in the state, so more liquor licenses could be beneficial to overall business.  While Shelley Simonton, executive director of WAM, is hoping to speak to industry professionals from both the retail and distribution tiers to find the best solution, her group is experiencing some push back.  The Wyoming State Liquor Association, for instance, has noted that a change from the current regulations could lead to market saturation.  While the recommendations were only presented this past Monday for the first time, a movement for change has begun in the state of Wyoming.