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Prosecco Beginning to Outshine Champagne in Popularity

Sparkling wine has always been a popular choice among alcoholic beverage consumers. Whether it be cavas from Spain, Champagne from France, sparklers from California, or sekt from Germany. Surprisingly, the most popular sparkling wine today is prosecco. Prosecco sales made up twenty percent of total sparkling-wine sales in the U.S in 2017, which represents a staggering twenty one percent increase from just one year earlier. The glera grape which is used to make prosecco, producing a uniquely fresh and light beverage. The other sparkling wines in the segment are seen as more complex and sophisticated. Champagne is the most expensive sparkling wine in the segment, at times averaging $50 or more for bottle. The rising price of Champagne is another factor leading making consumers towards the more affordable prosecco.

Source: WSWA SmartBrief, December 2018