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Proposed Bill Gives Distilleries Tax Reductions for the First Time since the Civil War

Glenmorangie Destillary

The Craft Beverage Modernization and Tax Reform Act will provide US alcohol producers with beneficial tax reform if passed.  The bill addresses beer, wine, and spirits, but it would have the biggest effect on distilleries due to the fact that tax regulations on distilled spirits in the US have not changed since the Civil War.  Kraig Naasz, Distilled Spirits Council President & CEO, stated, “Congress should pass this much-needed tax reform legislation to spur investment and job creation at distilleries, much as similar tax incentives have fostered the development of new wineries and breweries over the past 20 years.”  For spirits, the act would reduce the excise tax to $2.70 on the first 100,000 gallons produced and to $13.34 on anything more than that.  The proposed bill will surely be addressed at the upcoming lame duck session, as 51 US Senators and 284 US representatives are already co-sponsoring it.