Foreign brands may have certain expectations when entering the U.S. market, but they will soon be faced with several unique realities that can throw a wrench into the process. Ian Burrell, Founder of Equiano Rum, has been through the process himself and, in this video, he shares some of his lessons from entering the U.S. beverage alcohol market. Burrell discusses what he learned about the way the market is regulated, the importance of crafting the right distribution strategy, and the advantages that direct-to-consumer sales provide in the states.


While the U.S. is one country, each state’s unique way of regulating beverage alcohol makes it seem more like 50 markets than one. In this video, Andrew Stewart of Zamora Company USA discusses the importance of understanding the different beverage alcohol markets in the U.S. Stewart touches on the difference between open states, control states, and franchise states, while also highlighting the ways that beverage alcohol is regulated at a federal level by the TTB.


The beverage alcohol direct-to-consumer model played a key role throughout the pandemic. Now, brands are entering the U.S. and utilizing DTC to gain a foothold across the country. In this video, Dan Price, Sales Director at AU Vodka, discusses AU’s story and explains why you should be using e-commerce to expand your route to market. Price touches on the basic e-commerce structure, the importance of the white-label model, and how AU has found success on social media.



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