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Premiumization Trend Benefitting Brown Spirits

Brandy in a bottle with glass in front of modern background

The premiumization and craft spirits trends among consumers are creating a positive outlook for the segment. In particular, brown spirits are experiencing a rise in popularity and expectations are high for this category in the global market. A Moody’s SVP reported that “the reasons for the shift from beer to spirits — a boon for distillers — are diverse. They include a heightened interest among younger, legal age drinkers in experimentation, aging populations choosing spirits and wine over beer and greater spirits innovation.” According to Moody’s, whiskey and bourbon will see the greatest growth in terms of sales and volume. The liquor industry goes through cycles and it seems we are experiencing the upswing of the cycle regarding brown spirits. In the mid-20th century, bourbon saw tremendous popularity and then a later downturn in demand. As consumers trade up for premium products, the category should only continue to grow.