The NielsLiquor Store Signen CGA On-Premise Measurement Report was recently released with data reflecting positive growth across several alcohol categories.  Scott Elliot, SVP of Nielsen CGA, stated, “The latest numbers confirm the long term trends at play in the On Premise – especially as usage moves from habit to treat occasions.  From the latest data it shows that Whiskeys, Tequila, and Cognac/Brandy are still under-spaced in the average bar or restaurant given their value-contribution and trend direction.”  Despite being considered under spaced, their growth has been significant nonetheless.  While cognac is up +31.1% in volume and +36.8% in value, tequila is up +5.3% in volume and +8.9% in value.  Furthermore, as Irish whiskey is up +9.9% in volume and +11.4% in value, single malt scotch is up +4.4% in volume and +12.5% value.  Spirit volume as a whole since August of 2015 has grown +1.7% in volume and +2.9% in sales.  While spirits continue to see an upwards trend, certain beer and wines have also experienced positive movement.  Craft beer, for instance, has increased +3.1% in dollar value.  Driven by Mexican beers, imports in the category are up by +4.4% respectively.  Lastly, wine as a whole has quarterly volume growth of +1.1%.  Sparkling wine’s quarterly volume sales increase of +7.7% is also significant.  Overall, on-premise is strengthening in the US with a few specific categories seeing the biggest gains.

Source: Nielsen



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