Amanda Victoria fell in love with educating people on the nuances of authentic, family centric products during her time and travels as a brand ambassador. When she came to a point in her career where compromising her own values was no longer possible, Victoria merged her passions as a bartender and spirits educator to create her own RTD cocktail. After launching her product into a booming RTD category, Victoria is sitting down to discuss her experience.

On the latest episode of the Park Street Insider Podcast, Amanda Victora, CEO of Siponey, tells us about her entrepreneurial spirit and winding career path in the beverage-alcohol industry. Victoria shares how personal experience informed the creation of her brand and the attention to detail required to make a premium product. She opens up about maintaining a family business during the pandemic, including the ways Siponey has had to adapt to ever-changing producer and distributor dynamics.

“As a brand ambassador you embody the brand so much so that, at the end of the day, you can oftentimes be left feeling a little empty that you don’t truly own the product. I got sick of doing that over and over and that’s what led to Siponey.”

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