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Physicist invents a drip-free wine bottle

It’s happened to every wine drinker at some point, after opening your wine bottle and pouring that first glass you put the bottle down and notice a drip run down the length of your bottle. It is a common problem and one that sommeliers in restaurants solve by wrapping a napkin around the neck of the bottle to catch the liquid.

Daniel Perlman, a wine lover, inventor and Brandeis University biophysicist decided to take a closer look at the problem and develop a solution. Over the course of 3 years, he studied the flow of liquid across the wine bottle’s lip and learned that by cutting a groove just below the lip it was possible to create a drip-free wine bottle. Current wine bottle designs have not changed much over the past 200 years. Perlman hopes to change that and is now speaking with various bottle manufacturers interested in adopting his new design.

Source: Brandeis Now, March 2017