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Pennsylvania’s Recent Legal Development and Next Steps

Law PicSince introducing several changes to its alcohol framework over the summer, the state of Pennsylvania could be on a path towards privatization.  In the state, distributors now have the ability to sell six-packs, businesses have expanded liquor license options, and grocery stores can sell wine.  Earlier today, a House panel was held where various parties, including the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PLCB), relayed benefits resulting from the new regulations.  David Ozgo from the US Distilled Spirits Council, stated, “Now the PLCB is free to increase its 30 percent markup, thus confiscating any consumer savings and increasing the PLCB’s profit margin.”  Tim Holden, board chair for the PLCB, reassured, “… it’s not our intent to raise prices on consumers.”  With that being said, the developments have encouraged conversations about privatizing liquor in Pennsylvania at the next session.