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    Pennsylvania Restructures Liquor Pricing Policy

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    The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board has restructured their liquor pricing policy, detailed in a provision in Act 39, to give the liquor board greater control over supplier negotiations. This would likely result in lowered supplier prices, though opponents believe the new pricing policy may not benefit customers as much as it would benefit the state. Historically, the state has applied a 30% mark up on each product. In the upcoming year, the state expects to begin bringing in $65 million per annum, but it is not apparent whether prices would reflect any savings the state would collect under the policy. Critics of Pennsylvania’s liquor regulation framework believe that state liquor prices are over-inflated and fear the state would internalize increased profits. It remains to be seen whether the state would pass on any portion of the potential savings the state would receive from the new pricing policy reform. Optimists hope that as the state starts seeing increased profits, customers will begin to see lowered prices in stores.