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Pennsylvania Legislators to Adjust Liquor License for Casinos

PS_background_BWThe state of Pennsylvania has offered casinos the option to buy a $1 million license in order to sell liquor between the hours of 2 to 6 AM.  Legislators were expecting casinos to opt in, as they had planned on it generating $12 million that would go to filling a budget hole.  The response from the casinos was quite surprising, however, as a majority of them expressed no interest in the liquor license.  As a result, the state is now reworking the law to offer the license at a fee of $500,000.  The discounted price is expected to sway more casinos to buy in, but the loss of revenue is still vast.  While some properties like the Hollywood Casino in Grantville wouldn’t be interested even if the license was free, suppliers should see a bump in sales due to 4 more hours of selling their alcohol in casinos.

Source: The Morning Call