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Pennsylvania House Bill 991 could lead to as many as 2,000 new liquor stores

House Bill 991, also known as The Harris Bill, would allow some existing retailers to operate as a “franchise store”, which is a liquor store operating inside of an existing retail shop. A good example if passed would be a mini liquor store open next to a food isle at your corner grocery store.

Legislators believe that the Bill could lead to the opening of as many as 2,000 of these new “franchise” stores. Pro-privatization groups are arguing that loosening the state’s tight liquor control laws would lead to increased sales and an economic boon, while having the added benefit of expanding options for consumers. Advocates against the bill argue that a state already strapped for cash cannot afford the loss in revenue generated from the state controlled liquor retail locations.

The Liquor Control Board currently operates 608 state run liquor retail stores.

Source: BillyPenn, April 2017