Miami, FL  — Park Street Companies, a leading provider of back-office logistics for brands in the alcohol industry, is pleased to announce the completion of Park Street University programming at the first Global Bar Week in 2020. Park Street University hosted seven panel discussions on topics including the future of retail, direct-to-consumer spirit sales, and how brands can take part in the social justice movement. 

For Global Bar Week, Bar Convent Brooklyn, Bar Convent Berlin, Bar Convent Sao Paulo and Imbibe Live UK collaborated to create a global educational seminar series held from October 12 – 18. 

To view the Park Street University webinars from Global Bar Weeks, visit 

About Park Street University: 

Park Street University is an education platform enlisting alcoholic beverage industry insiders to share their experiences, insights, and achievements through seminar series, informational videos, podcast interviews, and press releases.

Press Contacts:

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Manager, Content & Education, Client Development

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Manager, Events, Client Development

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