In this video series from The Atlas Network, President & CEO Kerim Kfuri breaks down some quick tips to help brands select the right packaging for their product. Kfuri provides some insight into selecting the right bottle and securing your supply chain, along with an overview of current packaging trends.


Custom vs. Stock Packaging

In the first video of this series, Kfuri explains the pros and cons of using stock or custom bottles to assist beverage alcohol entrepreneurs in picking the right packaging for their brands.


Domestic vs. International Sourcing

In the follow-up, Kfuri breaks down the differences between using a domestic supply chain or an international supply chain to assist beverage alcohol entrepreneurs in sourcing the right packaging materials and choosing the right suppliers for their brands.


Current Trends in Packaging

Finally, Kfuri reveals the latest trends in beverage packaging, including a return to classic and elegant designs, quality over quantity, and premium material. Kfuri also explains why particular trends are taking hold.


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