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Over 80% of Bartenders Plan on Adding Mocktail Options in 2019

Bartenders are letting us in on their exciting 2019 cocktail trends in a recent survey. Just over Eighty percent of bartenders surveyed stated they will start to incorporate more creative mocktail options; using house-made syrups, tonics, fermented ingredients, and non-alcoholic spirits such as Seedlip. Another trends is the shift towards more environmentally friendly choices. Eighty eight percent of bartenders are incorporating fresh and sustainable details to highlight their new coctails, such as incorporating edible garnishes, adding bee-hives, serving room-temperature cocktails, and portioning fewer ingredients in multiple items.

Many also plan to experiment with creative, unique, and extraordinary flavor combinations, to create a surprise element for cocktail drinkers. This includes the nutritious addition of mushrooms. Surprisingly, seventy percent of bartenders are coming up with mushroom-infused drinks. Rose and turmeric are other ingredients and flavors that many bartenders surveyed expect to use in 2019.

Source:, December 2018