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Oklahoma to Modernize Liquor Laws

Liquor Store Sign

Oklahoma still has a few liquor laws that date back to prohibition. For instance, one of those laws limits the sale of beer in grocery stores to products containing 3.2% ABV or less. This will change now as voters overwhelmingly voted in favor of State Question 792, which will allow grocery and convenience stores to sell full-strength beer and wine. Critics of the bill are mainly concerned about saturation of the alcohol market; however, proponents see it as a way to increase business for the thousands of small, independent grocery and convenience stores in Oklahoma.

The president of the Oklahoma Beer Alliance, Lisette Barnes, said “Today’s passage of SQ 792 is a huge step forward for Oklahomans who have been demanding common sense laws regarding access to beer. The Oklahoma Beer Alliance and its members believe SQ 792 will help grow the state’s beer industry and provide increased quality and convenience. We look forward to continuing to work with all stakeholders, member businesses and legislators on implementation of a modernization system that will benefit consumers, businesses, and the state economy.”