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Non-alcoholic trend is gaining popularity in the U.S

Millennials are driving the low/ non-alcoholic beverage trend that has caught the attention of bartenders and alcohol brands. Alcohol brands are embracing the trend and seeking new investment opportunities in the area. Companies such as Pernod Ricard and Constellation Brands claimed that there is interest to expand in the space when speaking during a panel at Bar Convent Brooklyn. According to a Distill Ventures report, 55 percent of bartenders in New York, London, and Los Angeles believe that the low and non-alcoholic beverage trend will increase in the next year. A survey conducted by IWSR reported that a third of cocktail bars have already created their own non-alcoholic drinks menu. Bartenders claim this trend is beneficial to the bar as consumers are able to drink 2-4 low ABV cocktails versus 1-2 regular cocktails.

Source: Wine & Spirits Daily June 2019