The sustained growth of the craft spirits category means one thing for emerging brands looking to pen a deal with a major distributor: investors and strategic buyers are more motivated than ever. Because of this, the need for brands to climb above the fray and stand out has never been greater than it is now.

In this video from Park Street University, Nick Papanicolaou, Vice President of business development at New Brand Ventures, sheds some light on what strategic buyers are looking for when evaluating brands with breakthrough potential. He takes a look at why fewer brands are ultimately breaking through despite the surge in interest and offers an inside perspective on the criteria used by strategists so brand owners can lay the right foundations to attract interest. Papanicolaou also examines the status quo of business models being used by brands, while many are finding alternative ways to break through and generate interest in an ever-changing environment. 

“There is increasingly the need for brands to break through from a differentiation perspective,” says Papanicolaou. “Are you filling a need in the market that actually exists?”

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