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The next big thing for wine lovers may be canned wine

Within the past few years cans have swept through the craft beer industry and many of the top breweries don’t even bother with glass anymore. There was a time not long ago when drinking beer or wine out of a can was looked down upon by the connoisseurs of their respective alcoholic beverage. That thought is changing…. rapidly.

Once widely perceived as inferior, today’s aluminum is coated inside to eliminate metallic taste transfer, does a better job than glass of negating both oxygen and light exchange which are critical to preserving flavor and shelf life, cans can be chilled faster, they are cheaper to produce, can’t shatter, are lighter which makes them cheaper to ship and distribute as well as greener for the environment. The wine industry has caught on to these benefits and the canned wine category has exploded in the past year as it considered more accessible to consumers and user-friendly.

Source: Forbes, August 2017