New cocktails and mixers have always been a staple in bars and restaurants throughout the country. A new business model is starting to grow around providing these products to consumers and retailers in a package typically held for beers only – kegs. Home-delivered kegs are one of the new innovations in response to consumer demand for innovative new products and getting the best value pricing. Products such as Espresso Martini, Green Apple Mojito, Passionfruit Caipiroska, Classic Sangria and Classic Cosmopolitan are now being offered in 5 liter kegs.

The keg packaging won a Best Innovation award at the 2015 Australian Drink Awards. The keg technology for mixers and cocktails also represents a great benefit to bars and restaurants. Bartenders can now serve cocktails through existing beer taps in a fraction of the time that it used to take to create an individual drink. With cocktails and mixed drink orders on the rise, bartenders are finding this option even more beneficial to efficiency. It improves product consistency, freshness and reduces wait times, it also means that bar staff does not require special training and larger venues can earn approximately 75 percent gross margin on each serve.

Source: Drinks Bulletin, March 2018