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New Ohio Law Eliminates ABV% Cap for Beer

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A new law that will eliminate the alcohol-by-volume percentage cap on Ohio beer has taken effect today.  In 2006, the 6% cap was increased to 12%.  Now, there is no limit whatsoever.  The law will be a huge boost for Ohio breweries, retailers, and consumers.  Producers and in turn retailers will now be able to cater to the customer that enjoys a stronger beer.   Patrick Boylan, the Brewery Manager for Granite City, a restaurant located in the suburbs of Cleveland, stated, “I think it’s going to open a whole new world to what Ohio craft beer can do.  Less limitation just means more experimentation and better beer.”  As a control state, the removal of the alcohol-by-volume percentage cap is a big move that will have a significant impact on the industry.  There will surely be a greater variety of beers to consume in the state of Ohio as well.