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New Argentine Wine Labeling Rules and Certificate of Label Approval Requirements

The Argentine government recently issued a resolution (Resolución C.49/2013) that requires additional information to appear on labels of all wine made in Argentina, including on the labels of exported wine. One of the following three items must appear on wine made in Argentina:

a) The phrase “Vino Argentino Bebida Nacional” (which translates as “Wine of Argentina, National Beverage”)

b) The following logo







c) A two dimensional barcode, for example, a Quick Response (QR) code, that provides access to the company’s website, which must contain the logo.

For the specific requirements, for example, type size, placement, etc., please consult Resolución C.49/2013 or the Instituto National de Vitivinicultura of Argentina.

In line with our ongoing efforts to streamline the alcohol beverage label review and approval process, industry members will not be required to obtain a new certificate of label approval if an approved label is being changed only to meet the new Argentine requirement (listed above). This includes the addition of a new neck or strip label solely for that purpose.