Given the far reaching scope of considerations brand owners must take into account, activating a brand in the U.S. market can seem like a dizzying process. A proper understanding of legal requirements and distribution frameworks makes finding success in this landscape both manageable and attainable. Luckily, Jesse Cortes, the Business Development Manager at Park Street, is here to give brand owners a sense of place within the three-tier system.

In the latest video from Park Street University, Jesse Cortes will help you break down the beverage-alcohol market at large. In this wide ranging talk he’ll cover the regulatory framework that emerging brands must fit into when entering the U.S. market. Cortes gets specific about the legal requirements, creating a blueprint for your target customers, and even strategic expansion into new markets. Cortes will also project your brand into the future, offering insight on how to build out a distribution network while sharing the models that have worked for successful brands.

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