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Natural wine takes hold

Natural wine is all the buzz these days, although surprisingly most people have no idea what really constitutes “natural” wine. Natural wine doesn’t have a specific definition. In short, natural wine is more of an ideology rather than a specific process. A natural winemaker’s goal is to produce wine the way it was done many years ago prior to the age when chemicals and fertilizers became the standard in mass-produced wine. In essence, it’s an old school approach to wine making. Natural wine is also typically produced without any additives which is why it is known as “natural” wine.

The flavor profiles of natural wine vary just as much as conventional wines do. So then what is the benefit of choosing a natural wine over a conventional wine? It comes down to the winemaking process. Making wine without additives is a testament to the winemaker’s talent. Sulfur-free wine is at risk of oxidization when stored or transported, so a successful natural wine is a testament to an epically clean winery and a winemaker who is at the top of his game and clearly knows what they are doing. Every detail of the process is meticulous and important. Natural wine is bringing the artistry back to the winemaking process, enjoy!

Source: epicurious, June 2017