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Move Over Spirits: Wine Booms in Colorado

bottle with red wine and glass and grapes on a old stone

Colorado has been known for some time as a hotspot for breweries and distilleries, until recently when state-made wine began competing for the spotlight.

The state is home to nearly 150 wineries and many are easily accessible to Colorado’s metropolitan hubs. In fact, “More than half the wineries in the state are actually located between Fort Collins and Colorado Springs,” explains Kyle Schlacter, outreach coordinator for the Colorado Wine industry Development Board, said.

Take Infinite Monkey Theorem, for example, an urban winery in Denver embracing its location in the thriving, millennial driven city. When Infinite Monkey Theorem (IMT) and a few others opened in the past 15 years, there state hosted just three dozen wineries.

Now that number is 148 and climbing. This doesn’t deter sales though as Coloradans fiercely support local businesses. Owner of IMT, Ben Parsons, sums it up simply, “When you’re drinking Colorado wine, you’re supporting Colorado agriculture because the fruit is actually grown here and you’re supporting local businesses.”