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Michigan: MI: Package of Alcohol-Related Bills Voted Out of House Regulatory Reform

mlba-logoToday, the Michigan House Regulatory Reform Committee voted out a package of bills related to Michigan’s brewing industry. The bills benefit brewers and the expansion of this booming Michigan industry, as well as the hospitality industry that serves and sells these products.


These bills go along with Governor Snyder’s original Office of Regulatory Reform report, which was meant to reduce unnecessary rules and regulations in order to promote a thriving Michigan business economy.


“This package of bills contains all positive changes for Michigan’s businesses. We’re very excited to see the Regulatory Reform Committee take a positive action,” says MLBA Executive Director Scott Ellis. “The hospitality industry is also happy that the prohibition was lightened to allow bars and restaurants the use of logoed marketing items within their establishments for the first time.”


Examples of these logoed marketing items include glasses, napkin holders, patio umbrellas, pitchers, stir rods and hats.


“I’m glad we were able to come to a compromise to ease the restrictions on small business,” says Rep. Cindy Denby (R-Fowlerville), a member of the Regulatory Reform Committee and former restaurant owner who is passionate about setting good reform for the hospitality industry. Rep. Denby was instrumental in helping all sides come together.


The bills will now be moving to the House of Representatives for a vote, then back to the Senate for concurrence, and finally to the Governor for his signature.


“This has been a long process. We’re looking forward to the package moving rapidly through the legislature to be signed by the Governor so the hospitality industry has the freedom to market products within their establishments,” says Ellis.


For more information, contact MLBA Executive Director Scott Ellis at (800) 292-2896.


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Source: MLBA