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Louisiana: Louisiana House freezes wine ice cream bill for now

mercers-wine-ice-cream-8cf46b0852239becThe Louisiana Legislature may deprive residents from simultaneously snacking and boozing on alcohol-infused ice cream.


The House voted 46-44 Monday (May 5) against legislation that would make it legal for licensed liquor vendors to sell the wine or other alcohol-infused treat to people 21 or older.


The bill needed 53 votes to advance Senate. It passed without objection out of a House committee last month after being twice tabled and tightened. The bill’s sponsor, Rep. Marcus Hunter, D-Monroe, can bring it back for reconsideration.


Alcoholic-infused ice cream is illegal under the Louisiana’s “adulterated foods” statute that also sets out rules for food sanitation. Alcohol ice cream has become a growing trend across the country, but legislative action is required in Louisiana and other states to sell it.


Mercer’s and Buzz Bar, two companies that make alcohol-infused ice cream, hired lobbyists Lenny Kopowski and Ruth Mignerey, respectively, to promote legalization of the product in Louisiana. Buzz Bar ice cream bars contain 2.81 percent alcohol, about a percent less than Bud Light. The move from the out-of-state companies suggests they are eager to supply flavors like Cherry Merlot, Chocolate Cabernet, Blitzed Berry and Vanilla Daze in the Pelican State.