In recent years, we’ve seen an increased focus on diversity conversations in the wider beverage alcohol industry, but have these calls for equality moved the needle from a sales and funding perspective?

In this episode, a group of esteemed industry members tackle the impact of diversity in drinks, and how to continue to effectively market and share the stories of diverse founders. They cover the line between authentic marketing and cultural appropriation, creating transparency around where work cultures need to improve and what work needs to be done to create a more inclusive industry.

In this episode you’ll hear from:

  • Lia Jones – Executive Director, Diversity In Food and Beverage
  • Tuan Lee- CEO + Co-Founder VERVET
  • Kamuti Kiteme, Managing Director – Inclusive Investment Programs, Distill Ventures
  • Jomaree Pinkard – Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder of Hella Cocktail Co.

Resources mentioned in this episode: The Diversity Wheel

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