Wine Bottles Close Up

Pennsylvania is expanding the places consumers will be able to purchase wine due to Act 39. Grocery stores will now be able to apply for licenses to sell wine, state liquor stores can stay open longer on Sundays as well as be open on certain holidays, and wineries can now ship wine directly to customers. Distilleries are now allowed to sell wine or malt beverages for on-premise consumption as well. “In the first few months, 271 grocery stores, hotels and restaurants sought approval to sell wine – once largely the domain of the state-run stores. Another 543 wineries nationwide applied to ship their products directly to state residents.” Furthermore, lawmakers are creating proposals that would push Pennsylvania closer to privatization. This was the first step in that direction. However, there were some unforeseen issues that arose from Act 39. For instance, issues arising from overtime pay for working on holidays. Lawmakers are figuring out these issues as they come along. Consumers can look forward to the Presidents Day in 2017, as that will be the first holiday liquor stores will be open.

Source: Penn Live

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