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Southern Wine and Spirits

Southern Wine and Spirits is one of the largest wine and spirits distributors in the United States. This company is run by a large team of individuals working towards the goal of helping suppliers grow their business. The company provides a multitude of supply chain solutions to help brand owners put their products in front of many on and off-premise locations as possible. Southern Wine & Spirits can be found in the news almost weekly. Whether they are receiving awards, raising money for charity, or building further strategic alliances, you will most likely find something published on the company.

Southern works closely with thousands of beverage suppliers from all over the globe. They distribute thousands of brands and service more than 200,000 retailers and restaurants throughout the United States. On behalf of our clients, Park Street Imports has been working closely with Southern Wine & Spirits for years.

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Southern Wine And Spirits (Brief Company History)

Southern Wine and Spirits mission is to provide the best sales, service and results possible. They take pride in being one of the most innovative distributors in the industry.

The company was founded by Harvey Chaplin back in 1946. Mr. Chaplin got started within the alcoholic beverage industry in Manhattan, NY. He worked for a company known as Schenley Industries.

In 1968, Southern Wine & Spirits of America was formed in Miami, FL. Within just a short 12-month period, the business had grown and had expanded over to the west coast. At which point, they established a presence in California.

As years went by, Southern Wine & Spirits continued to grow. Operations were established in Nevada, New Mexico, Kentucky, Hawaii, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Arizona and more. By 1992, the company became the known as the biggest wine and spirits wholesaler in the United States.

As time progressed, so did their market expansion efforts. Southern Wine currently operates in more than 40 markets throughout the U.S. and with a team of thousands. Annually, the company distributes more than 100 million cases each year.

Mr. Harvey Chaplin continues to serve as the Chairman.


Corporate Address:
Southern Wine & Spirits Company
1600 NW 163rd St.
Miami, FL 33169


Official Company Site:
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