Eagle Rock Distributing Company

The Eagle Rock Distributing Company goes all the way back to the Prohibition Era, marking a very brave start for the company. The Eagle Rock began selling non-alcoholic beer and Canada Dry Ginger Ale in 1930 and it operated as the Atlanta Beverage Company way back then.

Some things haven’t changed to this day. The company remains dedicated to their employees and to their loyal customers. Eagle Rock’s mission is to be able to challenge their employees to incorporate innovation and work to better the company’s portfolio. They do this by offering world-class service that meets their client’s satisfaction. Their values are embedded into the core of the company which is family, loyalty, community, and teamwork.

The beverage distribution company has undergone several name changes and changes in leadership, but they have kept the initial strategy. That strategy is to provide the customers with the best beverage portfolio and offer impeccable service. The Eagle Rock Distributing Company has officially established its presence in all the counties throughout the state of Georgia.

Eagle Rock Brand Logo

Eagle Rock’s Logo

History Behind Eagle Rock Distributing

In 1930, the peak height of the Prohibition era, one brave man by the name of Stuart P. Murray started selling non-alcoholic beverages. He got started by selling Dry Ginger Ale in the Atlanta, GA area, forming the Atlanta Beverage Company. After prohibition ended, the company started selling alcoholic beverages, and in 1962, they introduced Busch Bavarian as a regional beer within the Atlanta market.

Thanks to the distributors, in 1964 Anheuser-Busch becomes the first brewery in the world to brew and sell 10 million barrels of beer in one year. In 1966, Milwaukee Braves move to Atlanta where Budweiser becomes the official beer of the now Atlanta Braves.

The company went through management changes, and the ABI brands become and hold a first place position within the beer industry in Atlanta. Then in 1982, the company introduces the infamous Budweiser Light, today more commonly known as Bud Light. They slowly increase their production, and by 1993, the company has 12 breweries. Fast forward to 1996, the Atlanta Olympics end up having a great impact on the beer market in Georgia.

In the year 2000, the managers of the ABI form a new distributing company, starting the era of the Eagle Rock Distributing Company. This is the current Eagle Rock Distribution Company. We should also point out that they have contracts with beer companies and started distributing craft beers from all around the country, as well as imported beers. Today they offer premium beers, craft beers, cider, import beers, wines, spirits, as well as non-alcoholic beverages and local products. Their dedication to their employees and to the customers they serve can be seen in their market base which is continually growing. If you’re interested in contacting the company, then you’ll find their information located below.

Contact Information For Eagle Rock

Corporate address:

Eagle Rock Distributing Co.
6205 Best Friend Road
Norcross, GA 30071
United States

Phone: (770)-498-5500

Fax: (770)-412-8043

Official company website:


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