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Latin American alcohol categories are experiencing growth in the United States.  Through educating bartenders and popular cocktails, spirits have been gaining momentum in on-premise locations.  Firstly, tequila is one of the fastest growing spirits categories in the states.  Its rise has led to the introduction of other agave-based spirits, such as mezcal, sotol, and raicilla.   Pisco, a Peruvian brandy fermented from grapes, has started to soar in popularity as well.  In addition, South American wine is already huge in the US market.  For example, wine from “Argentina and Chile are most popular with US consumers, and the two countries are the third and fifth biggest suppliers of wine to the US, respectively, according to GuildSomm.”  As a result, other countries, such as Brazil, Bolivia, Mexico, and Peru, are increasing exportation of their wine.  Lastly, it is no surprise that Mexican beer is a favorite in the US.  While Corona Extra and Modelo Especial are no doubt leading the way for Mexico’s beer market, several lagers from the country have also begun to gain a foothold.  Certain Latin American liquors, wines, and beers have achieved success in the United States, a trend that could pave the way for new opportunities down the road.


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