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Could Kombucha be the Healthy Alternative to Wine?

Kombucha has recently penetrated the beverage industry and is being considered a healthy alternative to its more alcoholic counterparts. The trendy drink is made by fermenting sweet tea with a “symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast”, also known as SCOBY. It only contains trace amounts of alcohol and can act as a probiotic.

Many consumers are replacing their wine with the drink because of its health benefits and compatibility with food. It’s lightly acidic qualities cleanse the palate in a way that complements food similar to wine. The health and wellness community claim that kombucha “harmonizes the mind, body and spirit”. While this is unverified, kombucha is considered a superfood, rich in acids and antioxidants that can improve the digestive system. Overall, it is certainly a potential substitute for alcohol consumers who are more health conscious.

Source: Daily Mail, August 2017