warehouse of a grocery store

B & T Distributing Company, Knoxville, Tennessee’s oldest liquor distributor, was recently acquired by Kahn Ventures. They joined Horizon Wine & Spirits and Delta Wholesale to create Tennessee’s first statewide distributor network. The company will change its name to Empire of Tennessee and plans to transition to a new warehouse facility by late 2017. According to B & T Distributing’s press release, the company services over 1,000 retailers, restaurants and bars from Middle to East Tennessee.  David Henry, President of B & T Distributing, stated “We feel this move will allow us to continue to increase our market share and become more efficient in our delivery system.”

Source: https://www.thedailytimes.com/news/knoxville-liquor-distributor-to-relocate-to-maryville/article_ce75c65a-1e3b-5b02-bb07-d76cf24d4098.html

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