The gap between brand identity and consumer engagement can feel distant. Effectively using digital media can be key to gaining a foothold in this competitive landscape. In this video, Josh Jacobs, CEO of Speakeasy Company, explains how harnessing the power of digital media can enable faster brand growth. 

The presentation focuses on enhancing the consumer discovery of your brand and Jacobs covers digital strategies that can be pursued to foster growth and boost consumer familiarity. He demonstrates that by pooling connections offered by organic social media and applying the right marketing techniques, brands can meaningfully connect with a wider client base. He also identifies where time and resources should be spent when developing digital strategies, as well as how to use relevant digital information to one’s advantage when recruiting clients.  

“This enables you to own your own growth in an industry that historically relies heavily on the second and third tiers. With new brands popping up every day, you can’t sit back, produce great beer, wine or spirits and rely on these partners.”

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