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    Iowa Distilleries May be Able to Sell On-Site in 2017

    Brandy in a bottle with glass in front of modern background

    A task force assembled by Governor Terry Branstad has met and will continue to meet over potentially changing state alcohol laws in Iowa.  In an effort to promote economic development and prevent consumers from going across borders to neighboring states, the group plans to recommend changes to allow craft distilleries to sell their products on-site.  While opponents argue that this change will threaten the three-tier system, craft breweries and wineries are already able to do this in Iowa.  Garrett Burchett, a member of the force and co-owner of Mississippi River Distilling Co., stated, “We’d like to be treated the same way as breweries and wineries… We’d like an opportunity to vet that with this group.”  In addition, 36 states in the country allow distilleries to sell by the glass legally.  In order to keep up with the changing nature of the US alcohol industry, the task force plans to propose this change in 2017’s legislative session.

    Source: Sioux City Journal